What Edward Cullen and I Have in Common/Lo que Tengo en Común Con Edward Cullen

Yes, these are mine. I have vampire teeth, just like the hero of the Twilight series. Continuing with the Twilight theme, a while back The Kid informed me of the following trend—“Vampire Teeth Take Japanese Cosmetic Dentistry into the Twilight Zone.” She naturally thought I would be interested because of my dagger-like canines.

For most of my life I never even noticed how bad my teeth were. Then one day I learned that my grown nephew refused to smile in photographs because he had inherited these sharp little suckers. Even though said nephew has since had his teeth fixed, he still doesn’t smile in photos, which strikes me as money spent and discomfort undergone for naught. Me, I just go ahead and smile. When The Kid e-mailed the article, the subject line was “Even more evidence that you are trendy, especially in Japan.” Me, trendy? Now that makes me smile.

Sí, los dientes en la foto al inicio de esta entrada son los míos. Tengo dientes de vampiro, como Edward Cullen, el héroe de la serie TwilightSegún La Flaquita, yo estoy tan a la última. Me envió un articulo sobre las adolescentes japoneses que quieren verse como los vampiros. Aquí es un enlace al fenómeno: La moda de los “Dientes de Vampiros” en Japón.

Me parece extraño que las jóvenes japoneses gasten dinero para obtener dientes como estos cuando los míos son naturales y no me costaron nada.


Whadya think? ¿Qué pienses?

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