Proof Positive/Prueba Concluyente

This blog actually has a faithful reader. My friend Mark, a fellow student of Spanish, sends me e-mails with comments on posts and suggestions for new entries. Even though a recent crisis has kept me too busy to post, Mark continued to weigh in on our running discussion over the efficacy of learning languages via CDs. My crisis seems to be resolved for the moment, and I intend to post a long entry soon. In the meantime, I think you’ll enjoy this commercial that Mark sent me as proof that language CDs do indeed provide results.

No he escrito una entrada por muchas semanas. Por favor, perdóname la demora, tuve una crisis que exigió todo de mi tiempo y mi atención. Pronto voy a escribir una entrada larga, pero mientras tanto, aquí es una enlace a cual Mark, mi amigo y lector fiel, me mandó como prueba que sí, los discos de lenguas proveen resultados.


2 responses to “Proof Positive/Prueba Concluyente

  1. I love this ad! Libby and I have talked about it. Now, I’ll have another reason to smile whenever I see it. I’ll be thinking of you.

    • I am grateful that I have friends who read this blog as well as friends who watch television and tell me about interesting commercials!

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