Yes, I am just a little nitpicky. So it’s no surprise that one of my favorite words in Spanish is “quisquilloso,” which means “fussy” or “picky.” I learned it very early in my language studies after a teacher begged me to stop searching for the exact word and simply talk. But I’m writer and editor by trade, and people pay me to be nitpicky, so it’s not that easy to turn off. One positive result of wanting to use the exact word is that I now have a not-too-shabby Spanish vocabulary. The downside is that I am often tongue-tied in conversation, and by the time I retrieve the word I want from the dark recesses of my memory, everyone has moved on to a new topic. If you’re still reading and are interested in why I began learning Spanish, check out About/Sobre.

Sí, soy un poco quisquillosa.  Y “quisquilloso” es una de mi palabras favoritas de español. Quizás es un poco extraño tener las palabras favoritas pero a mí, importan las palabras. Soy escritora y editora y a mis clientes me pagan comunicar con precisión. Me pagan ser quisquillosa. Si todavía estas leyendo y quieres saber por qué empecé aprender español, por favor ver About/Sobre.


One response to “Nitpicky/Quisquillosa

  1. Su Ota Hija

    Pantalones alegre,
    Aunque mi español no es muy grande, yo disfrutamos muchísimo de tu blog!
    Su Otra Hija
    Although my spanish is not great, I throughly enjoyed your blog!
    Your Other Daughter

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